MPC Develops Products for the
Food Safety Industry

The systemSURE II™ ATP bioluminenscence luminometer is the next generation of ATP luminometers. Using state-of-the-art photodiode technology and simple user-friendly design, this revolutionary palm-sized instrument is an extremely sensitive, accurate and affordable hygiene-monitoring system. The systemSURE II is used to quickly determine the hygienic status of a surface after preoperational cleaning or to monitor the effectiveness of a sanitation program. It can also be used to monitor water quality. Current users of systemSURE II are food and beverage processing plants, packaging facilities, restaurants, supermarkets and other food-processing industries where rapid assessment of the hygienic status of a surface is critical. Used with the Ultrasnap™ ATP sampling swab, extremely low levels of contamination can be detected in just 15 seconds. This allows immediate action to be taken, which assures brand protection, cost reduction, food safety and quality.

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