About Us

Founded in 1974, Medical Packaging Corporation (MPC) began providing physicians and cytopathology laboratories with cytology-collection kits, Pap-Pak®. The introduction of a new endocervical cytology brush, Cytosoft™, improved the quality of the Pap smear kit and reduced the number of inadequate specimens submitted to the cytopathology laboratory. Designed to be simple and convenient for the physician, Pap-Pak enhanced specimen uniformity and rapidly became the standard collection device for the vast majority of cytology laboratories.

In the 1980s, MPC designed the first direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) collection kit for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Syva Company's Microtrack® product incorporated the Pap-Pak collection kit format and soon became the leading CT/NG diagnostic test. Over the years, many diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies have used the MPC packaging designs to illustrate proper techniques and provide appropriate collection materials to optimize specimen collection.

In the 2001, MPC developed the first FDA-approved universal nucleic acid collection and transport kit for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The


NAT™ collection kit enabled the laboratories to provide just one kit for CT/NG collection. The sample could then be processed on any CT/NG-approved instrumentation in the laboratory. The NAT system continues to find other applications as a room-temperature-stable transport media for nucleic acid testing.

Over the last 20 years, MPC has been providing custom-collection and testing devices to clinical diagnostics, veterinarian diagnostics, and dental and food-pathogen-testing companies. It's broad range of services includes product design, rapid prototyping, plastic mold design and engineering, automation assembly and a GMP facility licensed in the clinical, veterinary and food fields. Additional services include CE-marking registration, clinical trial monitoring and refrigerated finished product storage with direct shipment to the customer. MPC is a single-source provider to 90 percent of its customers. MPC's many services enable rapid product development and have made the "virtual company" concept a reality for a growing number of its customers.